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Laura just closed in


written and directed by Luke Yankee

International City Theatre in Long Beach, CA

Here are some of her rave reviews:


"Laura Gardner steals the show..." LA Beat

"Laura Gardner, playing Heckart, beautifully crafted her performance to slowly reveal the character’s vulnerable interior through Heckart’s tough, hard working, no-nonsense persona." PRESS TELEGRAM, Sean McMullen

"Tough cookie Eileen Heckart, a brilliant character actress, is magically brought to life by a refreshing Laura Gardner, whose deadpan delivery is a mixture of tenderness, toughness and wit." STAGE AND CINEMA, William C.

"Director Yankee elicits five all-around fabulous performances, beginning with a possibly career-best Gardner, who positively disappears into the irascible Eileen, trademark rasp and all." STAGE SCENE LA, Steven Stanley


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